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Weekly Team Blog

Weeknotes 1 - Hello!

As this is our first blog post, we wanted to describe our first steps approaching the prompt and our initial thoughts on the project. We discussed our hopes and dreams for the Capstone process and our project with Mastercard around the future of authentication and digital payments.

Team Rubric

Weeknotes 2 - Kickoff

How do we plan a Kick-off meeting around such a general topic? Can we design some co-design questions to help get as much out of the client as possible and narrow us down on to a specific path?

Noodle Tower

Weeknotes 3 - Post-Kickoff - Go!

After kickoff, we had to start drilling into our research plan and what methods may cater best to each research question or hypothesis. This provided to be too difficult with such a wide ranging topic, so we broke down ...

Research Environments

Weeknotes 4 - Week one in the four week plan

The scope of our prompt is enormous. With such an open prompt, we could envision ourselves exploring many avenues within a limited time. After much deliberation, we came up with a plan: mapping out our big questions ...

Weeknotes 5 - Identity, Privacy, and Sharing

This week we shift to the theme of identity, privacy and sharing...

Burning the candle at both ends

Weeknotes 6 and 7 - Week three in the four week plan

This week we finally began conducting interviews. Interviews are invaluable because we get to hear about goals, problems and opinions in the users' own words.

Building the Affinity

Weeknotes 8 - The Team Goes to Austin, TX for SXSW

Every year, for 10 days in the middle of March, over 400,000 people descend upon Austin, Texas to attend the thousands of varied events, talks, and festivals that combine to form South by Southwest (SXSW). Here's what we got out of it...

Weeknotes 9 - End of Discovery Phase

This post outlines the full discovery phase and follows closely our presentation with the client on March 23rd.

Building the Affinity

Weeknotes 10 and 11 - Start Sprinting

After our End of Discovery Presentation, we had lots of client feedback and suggestions for where to go next. This week marked the start of our first Design Sprint of the semester. We are trying to follow the Google Ventures Sprint methodology, but stretching the sprint over two weeks instead of one.

Design Sprint - Crazy 8s

Weeknotes 12 - Sprint 2, Refinement

Our goal for this Sprint was to iterate on our prototypes from the first Sprint in order to get better user feedback. We also wanted to improve the onboarding experience in our prototypes, and test language to get a sense of what makes users feel safe, or uncomfortable.

Weeknotes 13 - Lemonade

For our last sprint of the spring semester, we wanted to branch out of the avatar and online UI spaces into the physical realm. This final prototype tackled a question that has been niggling us since the first month.

Weeknotes 19 - Merchant Focus, Physical Stores

For our first week into a sprint cycle for the summer, we decided to shift focus to merchants, and the physical store experience. We're trying out the Google Design Sprint methodology, a one-week intensive, that focuses on a specific problem on Monday, goes through narrowing the problem, ideating, prototyping, and testing, all by Friday.

Weeknotes 20 - Sprint 5, Fear and Loathing in Physical Retail

The past two weeks we focused on the toughest and most constrained design space we've had yet. Last week we dialed into merchants and what they need. Explored various types of merchants we saw just how wide of an array a Point of Sale provider has to accommodate, and how varied small businesses are.

Weeknotes 21 - Sprint 6 - Explaining Continuous Authentication, quickly

Last week we had some great results - both qualitative and quantitative insights. Nielsen (2000) and Co. says 5 is the ideal number of user tests for quick heuristics to work out the majority of kinks before diminishing returns.

Weeknotes 22 - New York City

Our trip to the Mastercard Digital Payments and Labs office in New York City!

Weeknotes 23 - Sprint 7 - Diary Study Planning

This week we come back to PGH to plan our largest user study ever - a twenty person diary study over 10 days.

Weeknotes 24 - Diary Study Rollout

The trials and complexity of rolling out a 20 person study, with 4 different cases, over multiple days.

Weeknotes 25/26 - Sprint 8 - Diary Study Analysis

We're getting towards the end! Over these two weeks, we've administered the diary study, jumped into a huge analysis process, and are working towards solidfying our findings into a UX Guidelines website for Mastercard designers.